Planted on our Tenareze's clay-limestone soils, our Ugni-Blanc and Colombard produce rich and full-bodied eaux-de-vie.

Varietals: 50% Ugni-Blanc, 50% Colombard.

Average vineyard age: 20 years old.

Density of planting: 4500 vines/ha.

Vineyard management: Mechanical ploughing, organic fertilization.

Harvest and Winemaking process: October. Soft pressing followed with a natural fermentation in tank without sulphites.

Distillation process: During the winter after harvesting. The white wine is distilled in a specific “Armagnac copper still”.

Ageing: From 1 to 60 years in 400L-French oak barrels.

Bottling: Bottled on-site, according to the orders.

Tasting notes: Over time, the brandy gets a beautiful amber color, then mahogany. The oaky notes become refined, vanilla and prune aromas grow, the « rancio » character appears. The alcohol heat turns into power and unctuosity.

Wine service advice: Armagnac is drinkable as an aperitif and after-dinner liqueur in a brandy-glass. It’s necessary to heat up the Armagnac with your hand, the heat between 20°C and 25°C will concentrate and develop the aromas. Also great for cooking and cocktails.



Protected Designation of Origin

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from 1932 to 2014

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150 years of tradition in the heart of Gascony